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ECAAM 2015
Anti-Aging Medicine
21 - 22 - October, 2015
PARIS - France
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The EOSIAM - European Organization for Scientific Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine has been created by a group of experimented physicians who are recognized as prominent experts in Global Anti-Aging Medicine and/or are organizers of prominent Anti-Aging conferences. Each seminar will have at least one of these physicians as coordinator.
Proposed by the European Organization for Scientific Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine and endorsed by WOSIAM (World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-aging Medicine), the ECAAM (European Course Anti-Aging Medicine) offers you the possibility to gradually learn, theoretical & practical data at the same time, for a safe practice of anti-aging medicine.

Joining the ECAAM:

The ECAAM - European Course in Anti-Aging Medicine is an International training proposed by EOSIAM & WOSIAM in Anti-Aging Medical Knowledge & Therapeutics for all medical practitioners.

Who may attend?

Only licensed physicians may attend these trainings to acquire or improve an adequate knowledge to prescribe Preventative and Anti-Aging therapies (including safe hormone replacement therapies). The courses could be eventually attended by other health professionals after official request and acceptance by the ECAAM scientific board.

The purpose being to provide practical knowledge applicable in the everyday practice, the content will focus on well-being and well-aging scientific based therapies, the public concerned is:
• Anti-Aging practitioners seeking to obtain up-to-date information to improve their consultation
• Aesthetic practitioners: Dermatologists, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons and Aesthetic physicians, willing to obtain anti-aging knowledge to include in their own practice for a global anti-aging management of their patients
• General Medicine practitioners willing to have a more preventive approach of their patients’ management, to be able to offer them safe therapies for a better health, and an additional competence to address their patients to the corresponding specialists and coordinate their management in cooperation with them (gynecolologists, endocrinologists, andrologists, cardiologists, etc…).
• Medical spa medical practitioners, for up-to-date information applicable in the Medical Spa.
• Specialists from different fields of medicine: Gynecolologists, Endocrinologists, Andrologists, Cardilologists, Neurologists…etc, with the objective to include more prevention and global ageing management of their patients.

Registration – Physician license copy:

You can register separately to each Seminar.
License: At the time of f its first registration the participant will have to provide the copy of its original license as Medical Doctor.